New This Week! Ghost Money #1, Secret Empire #8, First Strike #1, Captain America #25, and much, much more!!

There are a lot of cool books coming out this week! Mark and Randy will take you through the highlights in this week’s show!

Captain America #25 – who will carry forward the mantle of the Sentinel of Liberty?
First Strike #1 – can the new COBRA be stopped?
Generations Phoenix and Jean Grey #1 – is the young Jean Grey destined to die?
Ghost Money #1 – mystery, intrigue and a beautiful young billionaire.
Inhumans Once and Future Kings #1 – a tale of young Black Bolt and Maximus.
Mister Miracle #1 – Will Scott Free be able to cheat death?
Newsboy Legion & Boy Commandos Special #1 – can their combined effort stop an Axis agent in WW2 NYC?
Redlands #1 – Killer Witches take over a town in Florida!
Secret Empire #8 – the heroes unite against Hydra!
Shadow #1 – does the Shadow still live? Find out here!
Star Wars Rogue One Cassian & K2SO #1 – read the story of the pair’s first contentious meeting!
Toyetica #1 – experience the struggle of making it in a toy’s world.
Marvel Zombies Assemble 2 #1 – zombies! Avengers! Nuff Said!