Talking Comics for October 19th, 2016!

[VIDEO+MP3] THEY KILLED FORBUSH MAN! WHY? WHY?! Talking Comics for 10.19.16!

Huge changes are happening this week from Marvel Comics if you get a chance to take a look at the brand-new issue of Infamous Iron Man! Why is this such a huge change? Because Victor Von Doom is now going to be Iron Man and he sincerely believes that he can do a much better job of being Iron Man then Tony Stark ever could! Get ready for Marvel Now to start a huge way this week! A murder has taken place and it’s up to Deadpool, The Punisher, Squirrel Girl, and more to find out who the killer

Chew/Revival #1 from Image Comics Teams Up Both Critically Acclaimed Titles!

Chew/Revival #1 from Image Comics

Chew/Revival #1 from Image Comics


TWO GREAT TASTES THAT TASTE REALLY WEIRD TOGETHER! Tony Chu heads to Wisconsin in two all-new original tales by the creative teams of both critically acclaimed titles! A great jumping-on point for readers who’ve heard how damn good these titles are on their own, and a twisted delight for those already in the know!

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